We are here to destroy this #ViolentCommunistRegime's monopoly on the January Six narrative, which we call the #JanuarySixHoax. We have seen hard evidence that the regime is lying and we are going to expose this for what it is, a communist regime committing human rights abuses against political dissidents. We demand that the government #FreePoliticalPrisoners and release all #J6Defendants on bail, drop all charges for defendants whose charges are similar or identical to charges dropped against BLM and Antifa defendants, re-open the investigation into the murder of Veteran Ashli Babbitt, and open an investigation into the human rights abuses committed by this regime and rogue federal agencies. We are formally redressing these grievances to our state governments for the purpose of opening a dialogue with state leaders on how we can protect political refugees fleeing from political persecution in in America.



In the year 2020, a global pandemic shut down our economy. Political actors within this country used that instability to spark terrifying apocalyptic riots that rocked America for over four months, claiming dozens of innocent lives.


Unconvinced by the results of the ensuing 2020 election, Americans took to protest what they claimed was the destruction of our electoral process due to these riots.



On January 6 2021, peaceful protestors marched to the Capitol Building where they were let in by Capitol Police Officers.  The intent was to learn from the Occupy Wall Street movement and #OCCUPY Capitol Hill. But before that could be done, Ashli Babbitt was murdered.


There are reports of some minor brawling between officers and a few individuals. While we condemn any violence against law enforcement, we point to recent rulings from judges and the way district attorneys have treated BLM and Antifa cases as to why people might think it is okay to assault officers. There is an important conversation to be had about the demonization of police, the defunding movement, and the brutal assaults suffered by officers at the hands of Black Lives Matter and Antifa during the 2020 riots and even now.



We know that Antifa member John Sullivan has been charged and his assets seized for his participation on the front lines of the event as an agitator. We have video of a group of Antifa members getting into Trump supporter outfits prior to the #OCCUPY Capitol Hill Protest. The protestors consisted of average working-class citizens from all backgrounds, most with little to no criminal record or history of violence, and many were ex or are current law enforcement or military. These are upstanding citizens, the backbone of America. Their lives matter.



Since Biden took office, the federal government has waged war on political dissidents. Many are held in detention centers in solitary confinement, some without charges. One prisoner suffering from cancer has been denied his treatment and is now battling COVID contracted from other inmates. Another has been tortured, resulting in possible blindness. No one is safe from persecution and the DOJ has no problem putting elderly people into concrete cubes for the rest of their lives. Meanwhile, supporters of the administration make sport of hunting protestors online. Democracy is dead in America. Political opposition is being crushed by a totalitarian communist regime where there are no free elections and there is no justice system.



On June 24, 2021, Nancy Pelosi announced her own Jan 6th Commission after the first attempt was blocked by Republicans earlier in the spring. The initiative funnels resources and manpower into efforts to gather intelligence that will be used to persecute political dissidents and comes as a reaction to the growing public awareness of Pelosi's own involvement in fabricating the January Six Hoax amid revelations in independent media regarding FBI and Antifa agitators and the absence of standard security protocols.



The persecution of political dissidents in America made international headlines when Vladimir Putin used it to attack President Biden prior to the Geneva Summit on June 16th.